Franchise & Distribution

Travis & Inman has experience representing national franchise companies in their disputes with their franchisees. In addition to recovering monies from defaulting franchisees under the franchise agreements and related financial arrangements, the firm has successfully defended claims brought by franchisees for alleged fraud in the sale of the franchise. Attorneys at the firm have also represented individual officers and directors in claims brought by franchisees under certain state statutes for alleged fraud or deception in the sale of the franchise. The firm has represented franchisees against franchisors’ attempts to materially alter the franchise agreements or relationships.

In 2000, Travis & Inman brought an action against a manufacturer of automatic doors for the wrongful termination of its largest distributor. At the conclusion of the trial in the United States District Court in the Eastern District of Texas, the jury returned a verdict for $6,400,000 in favor of the firm’s client, the distributor. The case was taken up on appeal to the United States 5th Circuit Court of Appeals and was later settled on a confidential but favorable basis for the firm’s client.